Know No Limits

International Vision

Since 2015, BornToSwim® has been founded in Europe. It has been exploring the markets among various countries in Europe such as Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Spain, Finland, etc. Afterwards, we develop also in USA and South Korea. Now, Born to Swim International Limited has been opened in Hong Kong since 2018 to facilitate product customerization and development for all markets.

For Swimmers, By Swimmers

Every member of our dynamic group of swimmers brought a different business talent to the team. Together, we spent months planning, researching and strategizing to create a brand of swim accessories that was as bright and fun as the sport is.

We sourced the highest quality materials and supervised their small-batch production. We wanted every team, no matter how small, to have the ability to customize their gear with fun colors and logos.

By 2015, we had created the brand of swim gear we’d all been dreaming about, BornToSwim®.